The Origin of Hex

Metaverse Global applies H3-Geo Algorithms and optimizations ( in the creation of Hex. Being the leader in discrete global grid systems, H3-Geo provides Geographic Information System (GIS) in adjacent Hexagonal blocks. It can hexagonify any location in the world from its various analytical tools and functions that convert between Latitude/longitude coordinates and geospatial indexes.

The H3 Indexing System is open source that can be seamlessly adapted for a variety of purposes by inserting specific data in Geometric underpinnings, for instance, social network demographics of Facebook.

Use case for Demographics Data

With Unidirectional edge functions, H3 is more efficient than other grid systems as it is able to encode the directed edge from one cell to a neighboring cell.

Moreover, H3 grid is hierarchical, consisting of different layers and hexagons sizes that enables effectively truncating resolutions of original indexes. It has a total of 16 resolutions, which are listed in the table below. Metaverse Thailand is based on Resolution 13, whereas Metaverse Dubai is based on Resolution 12.

The resolution can be assigned a value ranging from 0 to 15, with 0 representing the lowest level with the largest and coarsest cells and 15 representing the highest level.
Each hexagon on the top level (“parent”) can be divided into seven smaller hexagons (“children”).

Indexing with H3 Hierarchical Ressolutions

Metaverse Global has decided to use the above characteristics of H3 Indexes in the creation of Hex, the foundation of its virtual cities.

  • Each H3 Hexagon in various resolutions receives a unique ID that corresponds to the issuance of NFTs.
  • Each H3 Hexagon can store owner information, prices, app data, and other relevant data both in On-chain and Off-chain storage.
  • Using NFT ID, each Hexagon can be regenerated without overlapping errors.
  • Metaverse Global allows users to exchange NFT Hexagons and supports multiverse transfer to other platforms that adopt the H3 indexing system.
  • Hexagon can be developed by users to maximize business potential, especially advertising opportunities that extend to precisive real-time advertisement in the physical world.